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Hilti Corporation (Hilti Aktiengesellschaft or Hilti AG, also known as Hilti Group) is a Liechtenstein multinational company that develops, manufactures, and markets products for the construction, building maintenance, energy and manufacturing industries, mainly to the professional end-user. It concentrates mainly on anchoring systems, fire protection systems, installation systems, measuring and d


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Former Employee - Account Manager says

"We're sorry to hear that you felt your experience with us was negative. We appreciate the 4 years you spent with us, and wish you all the best in your future career."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"We appreciate you taking the time to leave a review for us, and we're sorry to see that you felt your experience with us was negative. We wish you the best of luck with your future career."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We appreciate you taking the time to write us a review, however we’re troubled to read the comments regarding our commitment and follow through relative to Diversity and Inclusion. Diversity and Inclusion is at the heart of who we are. At North America not only do we have a dedicated Diversity & Inclusion Manager that helps drive various initiatives across the region, you’ll also be aware of the recent task force we launched that is helping to drive change across the organization. You will also be aware of the recent ‘Team Talks’ we held specifically on the topics of racial inequality including internal and external speakers – allowing all team members a safe space to voice their opinion, concerns and thoughts. As a current employee, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further so that we discuss your feedback with our various affinity groups and leadership team – please feel free to reach out to your team lead, HR partner or even myself directly who would be happy to discuss this further."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Naturally we're saddened to see that you felt your experience with us was negative. We appreciate all feedback that we get, and wish you all the best for your future career."

Current Employee - Account Manager says

"We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review however we're troubled to see that your experience is not positive. As a current employee we would strongly recommend you discuss the points above with your team leader or HR director in confidence who will be happy to discuss this with your directly."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"While it's great to see that you took advantage of our best-in-class training program, we're troubled to see your comments regarding management and compensation. Each year we benchmark using a variety of different factors and data points, this includes the country as a whole, industry, competitors and more. We're sorry that you feel you didn't enjoy your time with, but we wish you the best of luck in your future career."

Senior Corporate Role (Former Employee) says

"Hilti Aust - thought it was the dream job and it was an absolute nightmare. I worked in senior corporate role, rife with bullying, terrible management & poor corporate culture. Bullying and bad behaviour is not dealt with and EMT are aware of this , often being the ones who sweep the issues under the rug. They preach about 90% of management roles being filled internally but actually all these roles and internal moves are pre determined , people are tapped on the shoulder and given the role before recruitment even starts. Corprate culture has become a joke from when I started. The family spirit about the company is gone, everyone is a number and if someone from the EMT doesn't like you, forget about any kind of career progression. If your in a role for too long your viewed as a blocker and you'll be moved on. It's a sinking ship right now and I couldn't have jumped faster if you paid me."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Hilti (via Agency) for 3 months, called in SICK about 3 times. I was LET GO. Didnt care, place not for me. No good management. Bye Bye. .NoneManagement needs to be IMPROVED, Leadhands are no good."

Employé marketing (Former Employee) says

"Personne n'est traité de la même manière. La Direction de certains départements sont irrespectueux. La moindre des choses est le respect, ce qui pour certains manque dramatiquement ! Une grosse perte d'identité suite au déménagement ce qui est regrettable. On pousse vers le dépassement des résultats, mais le retour avec les primes méritées n'est pas clair, pas bien effectué lors des entretiens annuels de perf et incompréhensiblement évalué.Nous vous remercions pour votre commentaire et prenons note de vos axes d'amélioration. L'accompagnement du collaborateur et la bienveillance sont au cœur de nos enjeux. Notre approche people va encore évoluer en ce sens. N’hésitez pas à nous écrire par mail à l’adresse suivante recrutement@hilti.com afin de compléter cet échange si vous le souhaitez."

Slave (Former Employee) says

"They show they care then kick you in the guts when you're down and out. It's like being a cult they all gang up together to brain wash you into doing what they want. You work you butt off for everyone else to reach targets. No recognition for helping others. It's all about the sales and not the team that support's the sales team.NonToxic place to work."

Field engineer (Former Employee) says

"Overworked and underpaid and managed with an iron fist. Not the best place if you have a brain and aspire to not be a minion your whole life. Very corporate with lots of clerical tasks that overwhelm your time."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"As long as your not 50 or older, you have a chance. But after that, forget it! They pass up experience for youth. What kind of thought process is that?nonelots"

Territory Account Representative (Former Employee) says

"Big brother watching/tracking over you constant.Requires to have no personal life to work with this company.You will NEVER have a say recommendation,or opinion of your territory."

Inside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company will tell you they back their employees, but that is far from true. Don't bother. You can be fired at any time for any reason. Awful! Regardless of how much you sell. They have a "zero tolerance policy" on offensive speaking in the workplace which I understand. But to Hilti, this means if someone doesn't like you, that person can say whatever they want, and you will be fired. I had a personality conflict with another salesperson who was jealous of my performance. They filed a complaint with HR that I had said something offensive. That evening I received a call and was fired. I never was told what I had been accused of saying. There was never any investigation, or hearing. They just fired me, knowing my wife was pregnant and that I needed this income. I went from being the number one performer in the region to fired based on hearsay. I still havent been told what I was accused of actually saying. Just fired. STEER CLEAR OF HILTI! THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU!"

Merchandise Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Hilti bottom line didn't want too pay me more money by working directly for the company, left me very confused as to why they would keep doing this to people and get away with it..No boss situationNo room for advancement in company"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Lack of progression boring managers way or high way no career plan lack of structure Not a good place to work No challenge Good balance"

Conseillère clientèle (Current Employee) says

"Entreprise ayant pour seule but la rémunération de ses cadres supérieurLa cantine seul et unique pointPression management salaires"

Senior Creditcontroller (Former Employee) says

"bedrijf met vele paatjes en slecht management, komt geen enkele afspraak na"

vendeur (Former Employee) says

"Aucune communication et retour. Management très mauvais. Je ne recommande à personne cette société. A bannir.tout"

Manager- Supply Chain (Current Employee) says

"It was a learning job in different department and functions"

Logistics Coordinator & G.M Personal Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Prepare purchase orders and send copies to suppliers and to departments originating requests. Determine if inventory quantities are sufficient for needs, ordering more materials when necessary. Respond to customer and supplier inquiries about order status, changes, or cancellations. Check shipments when they arrive to ensure that orders have been filled correctly and those goods meet specifications. Oversee and manage all oversees vendor payments from our banks and coordinate with financial department for proper vendor account reconciliations. Type and word-process various documents and electronic information. Attend meetings requested by the GM and take appropriate notes, complete meeting minutes and send to attendees. Arrange and participate in meetings, conferences, and project team activities. Arrange accommodation and travel bookings for company managers and guests. Approve decisions, requests, expenditure and recommendations on behalf of EMT members in their absence, according to agreed guidelines and policies. Greeting suppliers, answering questions, announcing calls"

Account Manager/Sales (Former Employee) says

"I was a top performer for 4 years with very little recognition.Most RMs lack leadership capabilities.Gather as much knowledge and experience as you can and leave this company for one with better leadership, pay, and no corrupt inner office politics.Compensation below average compared to competitorExcellent trainingPoor leadership, established cliques that are extremely bias, poor pay compared to industry standards, too many managers and very few leaders"

Business Developer B to B (Former Employee) says

"Vous n'êtes que du bétails...turn over de malade. Aucune considération, si vous n'avez pas assez de rdv = dehors!rientout"

Finance (Current Employee) says

"Compétences Tu veux rejoindre Hilti ? Alors tu dois être prêt à lécher les bottes de tes responsables. Des responsables sans compétences. Un top management avec une vision à court terme. Un management se prenant pour les rois du monde en haut de leur tour d'ivoire à l'écart des équipes. Avoir une grande résistance au stress, travailler des heures (nuits et week end) sans reconnaissance. Aucune considération des fonctions supports. Un nombre impressionnant de burn out, départ à l'amiable ou licenciements. le management bénéficiant d'avantages, des primes versées malgré des objectifs non atteints => par contre pour les autres employés circulez y'a rien à voir. Une participation quasi nulle malgré de bons résultats.Pour la reconnaissance il est préférable de ne pas trop y compter. Des rémunérations très aléatoires (pas en fonction des compétences mais si tu as assez flatté l'ego surdimensionnée du DAF pendant l'année). Un syndicat dirigé par la directionSystemes d'informationManagement, condition de travail, aucune reconnaissance"

M & E Specialst (Former Employee) says

"Too much turn over ..fast trackers Leave company with Hilti training and take knowledge elsewhere. Compensation below average compared to competitor"

Chargée de clientèle Vip (Former Employee) says

"Surveillance permanente des salariés par les managers intégration imposée comme dans une secte pression et convocation permanente pour pas grand-chose , horaires et formations des 7h30 le matin non négociables!!Nous vous remercions de votre commentaire. Nous avons bien noté les axes d’améliorations. Nous nous efforçons de maintenir un équilibre entre le bien-être de nos collaborateurs et les exigences du business. En effet le respect, la diversité, l'inclusion et le bien-être de nos collaborateurs sont au cœur de nos préoccupations. Ainsi nous avons mis en place, par exemple, une charte managériale, des plans d'intégration et de développement par équipe. N’hésitez pas à nous écrire par mail à l’adresse suivante recrutement@hilti.com afin de compléter cet échange si vous le souhaitez."

Aaron says


Ordered a £5 part for a collated screw gun in the second week of December last year, and it still hasn’t turned up. Absolutely useless after sales and the tools are the most over rated, useless pieces of s*** going. Stick to dewalt or Makita. Don’t get sucked into the hype of these morons."

Jan Van Randwijk says

"Hilti tools are good. Just never buy on fleet account. Bad experience with total station we bought on fleet account.
After two thirds through the contract period we had some body wanting to take over the contract and payments. The new guys account was approved, everything, but Hilti sales guys blocked the transfer and sold the guy a new unit. This happened twice. Won’t buy anything on fleet account no more!"

Laimis Kiudys says

"im about to send me impact driver for a 4th time to fix it and they keep sending me back with same issue. they wont fix it and wont replace it. lucky me cuz it still on warrnty overvice it could be big money waste from me side for a poor repair service. and me holydays about to end and i still dont have me tool cuz i need to send for a ... 4th time for a repair..."

Cheese Man says

"Can't buy parts and service is not worth the expense. STAY AWAY FROM HILTI TOOLS!!!!"

Angry Customer says

"Company motto must be : Lie to customers, then lie some more.
And don't even try to defend these actions by blaming Covid19.

Order insullation pins. After delivery of half they sad rest is in port waiting to be processed.
Waited over a week, no turnip, when asked they sad there is a strike at port, can't get items.
Then a day later strike over, pins available. Only 5 box.
Ahh, we getting the rest on Monday.
Monday comes no pins.
Sorry, shipment comes in December.
What once might have been great, todays sales people in Hilti is leaving a bad taste in customers mouth with not being diligent at what they do, passing the blame, and just enjoying the Hilti benefits the company gives them to maintain this bullcake they have going."

Jim O says

"I purchased an overpriced Hilti cordless hammer drill and impact driver first couple of months had to warranty the batteries, the hammer drill than when the warranty ran out paid twice to get it rebuilt, and now dead again The company now doesn't even take care of there customers will not rebuild. Do yourselves a big favor buy from another reputable company that stands behind their tools. Overpriced garbage, you could buy from Harbor Freight and get throw away tools at least they would last longer than Hilti. Sad I really thought I was buying the best of the best live and learn."

geraldo diniz says

"Don’t buy hilti!

I bought a drywall screw gun and after 5 days it stopped working!

Btw the worse customer service ever!

The only option they gave to me was wait for my tool to be fixed. When I said this drywall screw gun was the only one I had to do my work right now, because I sold all my Dewalt tools to change to hilti, and I invested in this tool expecting NO problem in at least 1 year, they told me to buy a new one while this one will be fixed so I will have a backup tool. Are you kidding me? I lost money because I couldn’t finish my work, and the option was spend more money with a new one? This is ridiculous!"

Phil Rhodes says

"We have a PR30 laser & a DX 460 nail gun, both get occasional use and when required they generally don't work & we have to hire in. In the 3 years we've had these particular tools they have both been back 4 times each for the same repetitive fault as they seem incapable of fixing it. Managers don't return calls, repair costs are expensive, tools are expensive and unreliable. When I bought this laser, unknown to me the rep demonstrated it to one of my employees by throwing it down the road and claimed it was unbreakable. Intend to see what the CEO has to say about that. Avoid at all costs, you can buy 2 decent quality tools instead of a Hilti that is expensive to buy and expensive to repair. Also, three reps in three years, says everything about company pressure.
Bridgewater Development Ltd"

Florin M says

"Had an older nail gun model that I have to basically scrap because hilti does not produce gas for it. Bought the new version that failed after a year (warranty was 1 year)

sent the new version to service, have been promised a two day repair or replacement, received not even a return to my calls after four days.

what a scam of a company, I have Bosch tools that lasts for years and their support is amazing.

Steer clear from these guys"

kenny says

"Tools are fine. Just bought $25K worth of core drilling, sent back rental after rep pressured for order tell me promo would end today.

We are now on the 3rd order to get it right and HILTI customer service is no help al all and will not pass you on to anyone..

Ran into this problem with a Boon Huge, Acoount exec 2, He told me they no long want to do business with us.. would not put in writing. still no resolution. DO NOT BUY FROM GO LOOK ELSE WHERE"

Burim Ferizi says

"Hilti is big scam
Please don’ t buy.
Hilti repair service in Montreal is joke.
The most incompetent personnel.
I send my grinder two times they did not fix
I send my vacuum three times in three weeks they even damaged my vacuum.
Bad experience with them got tired of them
Once you send tools for service and you verbalize complaint to them some incompetent individual calls you and instead of feeling embarrassed they start bragging how good hilti tools are. What a ludecris. Their tools perform good until they don't go to service for repair. The moment you send for service don’t count on them anymore they wont work.
I have all kind of hilti power tools but
With this kind of service I strongly believe that management and technicians are either incompetent or they are sabotaging the company for rivalry interests."

Simona Stefanova says

"I would like to share our experience with Hilti.
We have bought two items from a third party (second hand) few years ago, I sent the two items for repair to Hilti and I received a call informing me one of the items has been reported stolen therefore Hilti is retaining it and I received a quote for the repair of the second item with a full description what the defect is. On the following day I received another email informing me that the second item was reported stolen, as well and Hilti is retaining it, too. When I called their customer service with questions how come the second item became stolen, they said they made a mistake by sending me the repair report, since then I have been speaking to different customer service representatives and I was told different stories each time. All I received from Hilti was bad attitude, no one said SORRY for the situation I am in, because I have paid £600 for those items and I have an invoice for them which makes them mine, out of nowhere Hilti not only retained them but they scrapped my items with absolutely no explanation or proof of their story. I am extremely disappointed as I have been judged for buying second hand items as not everyone can afford to buy new items. I have been totally disrespected from their customer service, I didn't receive an apology or explanation. Firstly they said the items have been stolen from a customer of theirs, then a different story was told that the items were Hilti possessions.... Don't trust them, I will never buy anything from Hilti as their items might be good quality but they don't know how to treat their customers which makes them a bad seller. How should I know Hilti just didn't take my items as in my eyes, they stole them from me...."

Peter & Katie Smith says

"Poor repair service turnaround & Lies
Best tools on the market BUT .... we sent a TE 5 off for a quote on a repair / service the drill was working just occasionally hammer wouldn't work on 16mm bits and above. Was told by shop it wouldn't be more than £70 (Hilti repair cost limit) when we got call from repair centre (Glasgow) cost was £92. We told them not to repair and was offered tool back, so we said yes not expecting it to come back in pieces 1 week later. (we could have driven there and back quicker) and all we got back was a note saying leaking seals (B****y expensive seals at £92) no break down of parts labour cost.

My hubby is not an engineer and has absolutely no idea how the b****y thing goes back together, he is in fact a retired bricklayer (due to severe health problems) Well when he saw the state of the drill he got so upset, wound up and disheartened he had a major relapse. So he's even more pee'd off now (so am I)
Years ago we could go into the shop and have the tools serviced and repaired on site, but that was 25 / 30 years ago! It seems all companies are going down the same road (tools for repair have to be sent off) This is geared towards the hire shops not the little man on the street, we dont matter.

So we have to go back to the shop at Edmonton and see if theres anything they can do, which I doubt they will,
So we are now left with a tool in pieces that did work (that could have been sold) and the money put towards a new one, but not now as it now definitely doesn't work!
Hilti have now cost me around £150 (as we have the case and drs all in perfect condition) as the manager (Shane Francis) in the shop says it still looks brand new... but not now.
Since writing this it got removed cos we put the wrong words in (Sorry Trustpilot,) But Hilti's update, Woman @ head office in Scotland said she was in the position to speak to the salesmen to get us an Ex-Demo model, & we believed her, yeah right, now Jan 2019 & still waiting! As said previously, they're not interested in the little man in street anymore."

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